CoinsPaid online casinos in New Zealand

Cryptocurrency casinos are getting increasingly more popular, and that makes crypto wallets such as CoinsPaid all the more important. CoinsPaid isn’t your average crypto wallet. It’s also a payment gateway that allows you to store and exchange over 15 cryptos into national currencies. As a wallet, you can use it to fund and withdraw money from the best NZ online casinos. It’s a jack and a master at payments in one, making it a very appealing option for new and seasoned players.

But, many players want to learn more about this unusual payment gateway. CoinsPaid is as unique as it gets, and in this article, we’ll show you the pros and cons of why you should sign up for it.

Best CoinsPaid casino sites in 2024

Best overall
Casino bonus
Game offer
Fast payout
Mobile app

CoinsPaid casinos to avoid

We recommend the best casinos you can enjoy in New Zealand online, but there are also many that you should avoid. The casinos below have been blacklisted by players and experts alike, often being called scams due to their unfair terms, payout problems, and other mounting issues.

Planet 7 casino

  • High wagering requirement
  • Failed payouts
  • Rigged games

Cool Cat casino

  • High wagering requirement
  • Failed payouts
  • Rigged games

Extreme casino

  • High wagering requirement
  • Failed payouts
  • Rigged games

CoinsPaid at a glance

  • Safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet
  • Operates as a payment gateway too, allowing you to exchange crypto for fiat money
  • Supports over 20 cryptocurrencies
  • Quick and fee-free transactions
  • The volatility of the crypto market is not for everyone
  • A limited number of CoinsPaid casino sites

Company Overview

Company nameCoinsPaid and Cryptoprocessing
TypePrivate company
Solution typeCrypto wallet and payment gateway
HeadquartersTalinn, Estonia
Key marketsNew Zealand

Advantages of using CoinsPaid for online gambling

Crypto wallets and payments are not for everyone, but there’s no denying the fact they have their advantages. Below we’ll list the main advantages of using CoinsPaid at NZ online casinos.

Free to use

Unlike some wallets that you must pay for, CoinsPaid is free to use. You can download the app on Android or iOS devices, sign up for free, and use it as you see fit.

Anonymous deposits and withdrawals

Because it’s a crypto wallet, every transaction made via CoinsPaid is anonymous. Everything is recorded on the blockchain, but as far as your personal data, nothing will be shared with the casino.

Quick and fee-free transactions

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning there’s no middlemen as a bank involved in the transaction. Due to that, transactions via CoinsPaid are much faster than any other option. Unless there’s a delay on the casino’s side, you should receive your withdrawals in minutes. Deposits are instant either way.

Accepts various cryptocurrencies and fiat money

CoinsPaid supports over 15 cryptocurrencies. They include heavy-hitters such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in addition to 5 blockchains and 16 fiat currencies.

Payment gateway and exchange platform

CoinsPaid supports crypto to fiat money exchanges with no hidden fees. This is especially valuable for new players who can add fiat money funds to the wallet and exchange it for crypto at the best rates.

Note: Every deposit you make at online casinos is irreversible. This is done as an anti-fraud measure and is non-negotiable. Keep it in mind before you make a deposit.

Disadvantages of CoinsPaid

There’s no such thing as a perfect payment method. They all have their pros and cons, despite the fact that CoinsPaid’s pros outweigh the cons.

Account verification required to raise the withdrawal limit

This isn’t a concern for new players, but high rollers will raise their eyebrows when they see account verification is required to raise the withdrawal limit. It’s set low at NZ$1,000 for beginners, and you must pass the KYC check to withdraw more.

Crypto is volatile by nature

Cryptocurrencies are not for everyone. They are complicated to understand and highly volatile in nature. The value of Bitcoin, for example, can drop significantly overnight, or it can jump. That’s why many players stay away from cryptocurrencies, including platforms suc has CoinsPaid.

How to deposit with CoinsPaid at online casinos

How to deposit with CoinsPaid ONLINE
It may be a crypto wallet, but as long as you have it on your phone, making CoinsPaid deposits is easy. It involves just a few clicks and you should have your money ready right away.
Find a trusted CoinsPaid casino site
Not all casino sites are equal. If you want to play in a safe environment, you should pick a trusted CoinsPaid casino site. No need to search on your own – this page has the best CoinsPaid casinos in New Zealand.
Time to sign up
Look for the registration/sign up/join button and click on it. Enter accurate and up to date data on the registration form to sign up.
Open your CoinsPaid wallet
Log in with your new credentials and choose CoinsPaid (assuming you’ve created an account) on the Cashier page. Take note of the deposit address in your wallet and copy-paste it at the site or scan the QR code.
Enter the desired amount
Enter the desired amount. Some casinos will have predetermined amounts you can click on to make instant deposits.
Wait for your money to arrive
Your funds should be at your disposal in 15 minutes or so. If the deposit doesn’t arrive in that period, you should talk to the customer support team.

Online casino withdrawals with CoinsPaid

One of the best things about CoinsPaid is that you can use it as a deposit and withdrawal method all in one. No need to look for an alternative or open another account. If you use the platform to fund your account, you will most likely get your winnings there immediately.

Most crypto wallets work the same way. You’ll have a QR code to scan to complete each transaction, and CoinsPaid is no different.

  1. Log in with your casino credentials
  2. Open the cashier
  3. Choose CoinsPaid
  4. Enter the desired amount – scan the QR code with the app for the right withdrawal address Verify by clicking on withdraw
Note: While CoinsPaid withdrawals are instant, they can be delayed by the KYC procedure. This is a standard process which is required to confirm your identity. It requires sending a few documents to the casino, including the following ones.

– Proof of identity – copy of your ID, driver’s license, or color copy of your passport
– Proof of payment method – copy of a bank statement
– Proof of address – utility bill with your name and address clearly visible

Similar payment methods to CoinsPaid

There are plenty of iDebit alternatives on the market that offer different ways to deposit and withdraw. If you prefer to use another option, you can take a look at the payment methods below.


  • High level of security
  • Global accessibility
  • Currency conversion costs


  • Simple to use
  • Reasonable limits
  • May incur some fees

Binance Pay

  • Free crypto wallet
  • Supports nearly all cryptocurrencies
  • Internal transfer fees

CoinsPaid’s online gambling impact

Crypto wallets – and cryptocurrencies in general – have had a major impact in the iGaming industry so far. It’s all thanks to safe and secure solutions such as CoinsPaid. They have reshaped casino payments by offering anonymous deposits and withdrawals which are also fast and fee-free. In our opinion, they might replace traditional payment methods, although it’s too early for that.


CoinsPaid is a great solution for crypto-minded casino players. It comes with support for 15 cryptocurrencies and several blockchains and also works as a payment processing platform. It’s free to use in the form of a mobile app and easy and free to sign up with. If you’re all about the brave new financial world of cryptocurrencies, it’s a great pick.

There are a few slight disadvantages, but nothing that will bother most players. CoinsPaid is an emerging star in the crypto casino industry and a name we’ll hear more often going forward.


Is CoinsPaid a crypto exchange platform?

CoinsPaid is a crypto wallet which also works as a payment gateway. You can store your cryptos there and buy them via the platform.

Which cryptocurrencies does CoinsPaid accept?

CoinsPaid currently accepts the 15 biggest cryptocurrencies. Among them are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin.

Can I use fiat money to buy crypto on CoinsPaid?

Yes, you can. The payment gateway allows you to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies and vice versa with no hidden fees and instantly.

Are there any CoinsPaid transaction fees?

No, the payment gateway itself doesn’t charge any fees. But, each transaction has a fee that goes to the blockchain, and some CoinsPaid casinos might also charge fees.

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