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The online gambling industry is constantly evolving and a lot of that evolution primarily comes in the form of new payment methods. We can now use many other options than just bank accounts and digital payment services, although nothing beats cards and bank transfers. eCheck comes somewhere in between. As the name suggests, it’s a digital check that allows you to pay from your bank account or credit/debit card with no skyrocketing interchange fees yet fast processing times.

Available in the USA and Canada, eCheck is a popular payment method for every casino player who prefers the safety of bank accounts. An additional benefit is that eChecks can handle large amounts of money with low fees, something that cards simply don’t offer.

Best eCheck casino sites in 2024

1 Jackpot City Casino review
19+. New players only. Canada only (excluding Ontario). T&Cs apply
2 Golden Tiger Casino review
19+. New players only. Canada only (excluding Ontario). T&Cs apply
3 Captain Cooks Casino review
4 Quatro Casino review
19+. New players only. Canada only (excluding Ontario). T&Cs apply
5 Zodiac Casino review
19+. New players only. Canada only (excluding Ontario). T&Cs apply
Best overall
Casino bonus
Game offer
Fast payout
Mobile app

eCheck casinos to avoid

Not all casinos are great, and the same goes for eCheck casino sites too. We have loads of casinos to recommend, but also some you need to avoid if you want the ultimate gambling experience.

Planet 7 Casino

  • High wagering requirement
  • Failed payouts
  • Rigged games

Ruby Red Casino

  • High wagering requirement
  • Failed payouts
  • Rigged games

Captain Jack Casino

  • High wagering requirement
  • Failed payouts
  • Rigged games

eCheck at a glance

  • Highly secure as it’s linked to bank accounts
  • No to low transaction fees
  • No setups or extra tools/cards required
  • Very easy to use
  • Not widely available
  • Needs you to know your bank’s routing number
  • Transactions are a bit on the slow side

Company Overview

Company nameACH
TypeGovernment-run payment system
Solution typeNetwork for processing transactions
HeadquartersSarasota/Denver, USA
Key marketsCanada

Advantages of using eCheck for online gambling

If you prefer the security of online banking solutions, yet your bank doesn’t allow casino transactions, eChecks are the way to go. There are many advantages to using this payment method at online casinos, including low fees, no need for setting it up, and no additional cards or any tools or services required.

No registration required

Unlike e-wallets or other payment systems, eChecks don’t need registration. You don’t need to create an account if you already own a bank account. This is not a service, but rather a payment processing network on a national level that allows you to pay and withdraw with checks just like in the past, but completely digitally.

Bank-level safety

Nothing beats the safety of bank transactions, and eChecks benefit from it. Since the money goes from your bank account and back to it, all your bank’s safeguards are in place. In that way, you don’t need to worry about losing your deposit or withdrawal or having it stolen, making eChecks one of the safest options out there.

Flexible to use

When using eCheck, you have the option to either use your bank account directly or your credit/debit card. It’s just like making online payments with either, so it’s good to have that kind of flexibility if you prefer one or the other.

Large transactions, no fees

The primary reason why many players love to use eCheck is that it allows you to make larger deposits. You can’t do that with Visa and Mastercard, which are typically limited to $5,000 transactions per day. If your eCheck casino allows it, you can deposit larger amounts of money via eCheck with low to no fees.

Note: due to anti-money laundering policies, casinos don’t allow reversible deposits. Once you deposit money with eCheck or any other payment method it’s finite, so you better review the transaction nicely before you hit the Deposit button.

Disadvantages of eCheck

Just like any other payment method, eCheck isn’t perfect. Most notably, it’s much slower than e-wallets, and it’s not the ideal option if you’d like to keep your gambling exploits a secret.

Slow transactions

On average, transactions made via eCheck may take up to 3 days. That’s slow in 2023 where we have e-wallets and digital payment methods that process transactions in just a day or two.

Not widely available

Not all casinos accept ACH (eCheck) transactions, even if they allow bank accounts. If you want to use this payment method, you’ll have to refer to our list of top eCheck casinos.

Requires technical details

Using eCheck requires you to enter some bank details which aren’t hard to obtain, but are still a nuisance. For example, you must enter your bank routing number and possibly a few other details that won’t change, but it’s still a few extra steps to make a deposit.

How to deposit with eCheck at online casinos

How to deposit with echeck ONLINE
Since you’re not signing up for a service or anything, eChecks are very easy to use at casinos. Making a deposit can be completed easily, although you’ll have to wait for a few days for the money to arrive.
Find a trusted eCheck casino
Start by choosing a reputable eCheck casino. Not all casinos are the same, so make sure to choose a trusted option unless you want to suffer the consequences.
Head to the cashier page
Open the cashier page and take a look at the available options. Choose eCheck from the list and pay attention to the limits – they should be stretched nicely.
Choose eCheck from the list of options
Choose eCheck from the list of options. At some casinos, you will see it listed as ACH.
Enter the desired amount
All that’s left is to enter the desired amount or choose one of the available predetermined options.
Authorize the transaction
Once completed, the bank will issue an eCheck to the casino which should be processed in 1-3 days.

Online casino withdrawals with eCheck

One of eCheck’s positive aspects for online gambling is the fact that you can use it for deposits and withdrawals. It’s easy to claim your winnings with it, especially if you follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Log in to your chosen eCheck casino
  2. Head to the cashier page and check your withdrawable balance
  3. Enter the desired amount
  4. If you used eCheck to make a deposit, your withdrawal will be automatically sent on it.
Note: before your first withdrawal, you must pass the KYC check. This is a mandatory measure at the best online casinos and requires you to send some documents that confirm your identity. In general, the documents include:

– Proof of identity – copy of your ID, driver’s license, or color copy of your passport
– Proof of payment method – copy of a bank statement
– Proof of address – utility bill with your name and address clearly visible

Similar payment methods to eCheck

Due to its limitations, many players will look for eCheck alternatives. The good news is that there are many options to pick from at the best Canadian casino sites, including the ones below.


  • Bank-level security
  • Easy to use
  • May charge fees


  • Great for IOS owners
  • Pay from your phone on the go
  • Not widely available


  • Fully anonymous
  • Low limits for beginners
  • No withdrawals

eCheck’s impact on the Online Gambling Market

We can’t say that eCheck has had a revolutionary impact on iGaming. It certainly made things easier for Canadian players, but the number of eCheck casinos isn’t as large as Visa or Mastercard casinos.

That said, it does act as an alternative to bank transfers, even though it does have its limitations. It’s a safe payment option for most players, and in that department, it has changed the landscape with impenetrable security.


If you’re looking for a safe and reliable payment option to use at the top Canadian casino sites and you don’t mind the slow transaction times, eCheck is a good idea. It does come with a few disadvantages, but overall, paying with it is just like paying with your bank account, and that degree of security matters. 


Is eCheck safe to use?

eCheck is one of the safest payment options you can use. When you make a deposit, your bank sends an eCheck to the casino which is digitally signed and among the safest options on the market.

Do I need an ANC account to use eCheck at casinos?

No, you don’t. As long as your bank is on the ANC network – and most are – you can use eCheck at casinos that accept it.

What’s the average eCheck withdrawal time?

eCheck deposits and withdrawals are on the slow side of transfers. Deposits take up to 3 days, and withdrawals might need a few days more.

Does eCheck accept CAD?

Yes, it does. It accepts any currency your bank accepts, so you can make seamless transactions with no currency conversion fees.

Do all casino sites accept eCheck?

No, they don’t. The number of eCheck casinos is smaller than, say, Visa casinos. It’s fair to mention that at some casinos, you will find it under the name ANC.

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